Misconceptions About Folding E-bikes



The convenience of the modern day folding electric bikes cannot be denied. A folding e-bike does exactly what you’d expect it to: It folds in half. If you’ve ever tried to haul a standard bike up a flight of stairs or fit it inside a car, you’d know how challenging that can be.

SONDORS Fold X, Fold XS, and Smart Step all transform in one simple fold to half their size. They take up half the horizontal space without adding too much to the width. And that makes them easy to carry, store, and transport...anywhere!

However, as with any great invention, there are always misconceptions about how it works. Here are the top two misconceptions I hear most often that are associated with folding electric bikes that I’m going to #MythBust in 2 minutes so you can ride worry-free off into the sunset on your new foldable SONDORS:

People often claim that folding bikes are not very durable. The argument is that the part of the bike that actually folds—the hinge and joint pieces—are prone to breaking easily. The fact is, in literally every type of tool, machine, device, etc, the hinges and joints are a bit of a weak point.

SONDORS designers and engineers know this and have taken steps to reinforce those problem spots. The result is that our folding e-bikes are designed to reduce the burden of weight on those hinges and joints, and to increase the overall durability.

Wrong again! Even without electric power, a folding e-bike is perfectly capable of matching the average road bike for speed. It must be said that there was a potential for speed to be a problem, yet the problem was solved by the ingenuity of proper design.

With the electric motor to support the bike, any lag you might experience is pretty easy to overcome. However, you don’t need the motor to do this. The SONDORS folding e-bike line-up doesn’t suffer any handicap in terms of speed. In fact, if you use the electric motor, you’ll go faster than you would on a traditional bike.


In a recent interview I did with AutoFutures.TV “Taking The Electric Bike Market By Storm”, you can actually quote me saying: “One of our most popular models is our foldable bike, and it’s very easy to pack it into cars. We changed the way people thought about foldable bikes in 2017, (referring to Fold X). It’s visually stunning, and when you ride, it feels like you are on a hoverboard. It’s very practical.”

So there you have it!

SONDORS Fold XFold XS, and Smart Step make for extremely smart and convenient riding for both city living and off-road adventures. Just fold and go. Because life’s a ride...and you gotta love your ride!