My SONDORS Life: Featuring Andrew Moore




What advice would you give to someone who is hesitant about riding an electric bike?

Try one you will be surprised how much fun you can have again cycling. Should be easy and SONODRS makes it a real pleasure not a chore.

How long have you been a SONDORS Owner?

1 Year

In what way has being a SONDORS owner impacted your life the most?

Sense of being able to go anywhere on the bike.

What type of rider would you describe yourself as?


What SONDORS do you ride?


Is there anything about your SONDORS that surprised you?

The range is really impressive.

What's your favorite thing about your SONDORS?

Fantastic design!

What's your most memorable SONDORS adventure?

Fantastic bike which has made me re-love cycling again. The bike has a great design is an amazingly good value. I would love to own a Fold too as well as my superb X and will look into buying one very soon. The Fold capabilities will take me even further. SONDORS really makes you think about just heading out when the sun shines. It’s easy to ride and I love it


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