Press Release: Sondors eBike Pre-Orders Now Available in Canada

Sondors eBike Pre-Orders Now Available for Customers in Canada.

Sondors eBike Pre-Orders Now Available for Customers in Canada.

All-New Aluminum Frame, Front Suspension, Longer Battery Life and LCD Display Improve Overall Performance, Comfort and Range

Malibu, Calif., September 24, 2015 – Today, pre-orders of the Sondors electric bike, the world’s most affordable eBike ever, opened to customers in Canada. Sondors eBike has already achieved 800 percent of its funding goal on Kickstarter. The limited-time price of $499 is available through Saturday. The campaign features several new upgrades at an additional price, including:

  • Lightweight Aluminum Frame: Mountain bikers and everyday adventurers will appreciate the reduced weight and overall enhanced riding derived from this option.
  • Front Suspension Forks: For commuters and adventurers wanting a smooth ride, this feature is designed with all-day riding comfort in mind.
  • Higher-Capacity Lithium ion Battery: Enjoy riding further, longer with a robust and new-to-Sondors 12.8 AH Lithium ion battery with genuine Samsung cells.
  • LCD Display: Get rid of range anxiety with data! Distance traveled, remaining battery charge and increase range with optimizing pedal assist presented for your viewing pleasure with an LCD Display. Lower or raise pedal assist for less or more help through challenging terrain.
  • Fenders: Protect yourself from road and trail debris with these full-sized fenders.

Raising more than $6 million earlier this year to become the world’s most successful eBike crowdfunding campaign, the Sondors eBike Kickstarter campaign includes new color options and a new 4.0-inch All-Terrain tire in addition to the 4.9-inch Fat Tire option.

Original Sondors backers will also have access to select optional upgrades through an exclusive Sondors Owners’ Club. Owners will be notified when this available.

The Sondors eBike is available for pre-orders on Kickstarter for a limited-time price starting at just $499.

About Sondors eBike
Designed and created by veteran entrepreneur Storm Sondors, the Sondors electric bike is intended to firmly establish electric bicycles as a viable mode of transportation by creating technology that is both a practical and approachable investment in today’s environmentally-minded consumer lifestyle. Whether for commuting, running errands, heading outdoors or just for the pure pleasure of riding, the Sondors eBike is designed for durability and comfort with some serious fun factor built in. Backed by one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns to date, the Sondors eBike is poised to fulfill consumer demand for a truly affordable and efficient electric bike. For more information, visit

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