We’d like to start by saying thank you for your patience as Metacycle has evolved from a pre-production concept to the road legal version it is today. We’ve been reading your comments and wanted to address a number of questions that have been coming up.


SONDORS Business

We’ve been making significant changes internally at SONDORS to ensure we can meet the demands that our expanded business has created.

This includes adding team members from Tesla, Zero, and other great companies to improve delivery timing, customer experience, logistics and support. One of the benefits of being in the direct to consumer business is that you, our customers, are very good at telling us how we can improve. We are listening.

Metacycle Specifications

The 0-60 time, range, and battery removal process have changed since the pre-production announcement.


0-60: 9.6s


Range: Real world range of 60 miles with up to 80 miles under ideal conditions


Battery removal: 1-2 minutes vs. “quick release” 


In order to achieve the best price point in the market and give access to an all-new, eye-catching design that includes a unique single cast frame, spoked wheels with tubeless tires and unique features like wireless tank charging, we needed to make difficult engineering decisions. We believe in the long run, this will benefit the majority of our current and future owners.

The vision for Metacycle was to create something that is incredibly easy to learn and fun to ride, and the feedback we are receiving from owners and reviewers confirms this. However, it is in no way meant to compete with a high-performance sport bike. It is a smile-generating machine that is in a category of its own. It’s not a scooter, it’s not a motorcycle, fitting between the two like nothing else.

We believe this is the perfect commuter, errand runner, and a super fun way to cruise through the weekend. We hope you agree!



It is a very exciting time at SONDORS. The good news is, we’ve delivered hundreds of Metacycles to local California customers, most of whom are our first round reservation holders. We did this intentionally to ensure we could address any issues as quickly as possible, as we are based here in Southern California.

As we’re getting ready to ship outside of California, we have been navigating various public agencies to ensure we are meeting all legal delivery requirements.

This has taken more time than we would have liked, but it has allowed us to take the extra time to ensure our distribution and logistics challenges have been addressed in advance so that we can ramp up your deliveries significantly in the coming weeks, across the country, to the tune of 50-100 deliveries per day.

We are receiving Metacycles in all colors from our manufacturing plant and putting them through pre-delivery inspection so that they are ready to be loaded onto delivery trucks as soon as we’re able.

We should be able to get most Metacycle reservation holders that are paid in full delivered in Q4, 2022.

We hope you find this informative, and we look forward to getting you your Metacycle soon.