Hi SONDORS Community,

We are very excited to share the news that MetaCycle has now been delivered in 12 states over the last weeks. Current states include Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Florida, Texas and of course, California.

Additionally, MetaCycle deliveries are currently en route to Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, North Carolina, South Carolina, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Owners are grinning ear to ear across the US, describing MetaCycle as a super fun ride and well worth the wait.

Remaining states are being scheduled with our logistics partners, and we will continue to increase truck loads over the coming weeks and months.

Updated Delivery Process

You may be wondering how MetaCycle deliveries are being scheduled. Because production requires batch painting, it may seem like we are scheduling out of sequence. Once we have inventory, we match customers based on order date, then color choice. This is predicated on the paperwork, prep & final destination fee* being paid in full.

Once your MetaCycle and paperwork, prep & final destination fee are paid in full, you’ll enter the delivery queue for your area and will receive an email with a request to confirm your shipping address and your availability within a delivery window. We strongly recommend a prompt response as this delivery window is available on a first come, first served basis.

If you are unavailable during the provided delivery window, or do not respond within the given timeframe, you will have priority on the next delivery window and will receive a new email to confirm availability.

Once you’ve confirmed availability, you will receive an email containing your VIN number and a specific timeframe that our logistics partner will deliver your MetaCycle. We will then ship your Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin (MCO), Bill of Sale, and charger separately via FedEx, so look out for that in the mail.

As your delivery approaches, our logistics partner will contact you directly to schedule the exact date of your delivery. Please note, once your delivery date is scheduled, you (or a designated individual) must plan to be available to accept your delivery or you may incur a $250 delivery attempt fee for each redelivery.

Your MetaCycle Wheel + Tire Combination

During the development process, Michelin stopped manufacturing the tires that were featured on the prototype MetaCycle.

As such, MetaCycle is shipping with a few different wheel and tire combinations which all meet the performance, styling characteristics and US DOT regulations.

The majority of the MetaCycles will include the CST CM-NK 01 tires. Additionally, some customers will receive internal spokes, while others will receive external spoked wheels.

New MetaCycle Orders

As we continue fulfillment to our earliest paid-in-full customers, we will start delivering new MetaCycle orders on a first come, first served basis in Q1 2023. 

Existing reservation holders will receive priority delivery scheduling once you convert into fully paid orders.

We are excited to see the MetaCycle fleet grow across the country and hope you will be enjoying your MetaCycle soon!


*This fee is only required for MetaCycle owners who paid the $5,000 launch price but have not paid the $700 “delivery” fee, which is the all-inclusive paperwork, prep & final destination fee.