When the Treadmill Doesn’t Make You Happy


So the other day I was riding around on one of my “newly favorite” electric bikes, the SONDORS Step.

On my ride, I happened to pass a crowded gym.

Oddly enough, I stopped the at the window as I noticed everyone working out.

I stopped because something struck me like never before.

In fact, what I realized that day has stuck with me to this day, and it will probably stick with you too. 

What am I talking about?

How everyone in the gym looked like they were having the worst time of their life. It’s crazy how nearly everyone I noticed was sweating profusely, they weren’t smiling, and they all were (from what I could see) panting like a dog.

But after burning hundreds of calories riding my electric bike (sweating optional), it all made sense to me.

There’s something terribly wrong with the most common idea of working out.

Especially if most people are working out in boring, sweaty, expensive gyms.

And because of this, nearly everyone I saw looked annoyed, in pain, and like they couldn’t wait to get it done so they could go home. 

Even crazier:

A large majority of people were running on treadmills, which just reminds me of a hamster wheel.

It’s no wonder ‒‒ according to RealBuzz.com (one of the top fitness sites in the country) ‒‒ 80% of all gym-goers don’t actively use their memberships.

They’re just throwing money down the drain every month that could be used more wisely.

Anyway, if this sounds like you (or doesn’t sound like you because you’d rather not join a gym in the first place)?

I can’t blame you.

I loathe the gym.

And if you do, it’s time to ditch the gym for good.


By instead investing in an electric bike.

Considering you’ll burn hundreds of calories with little effort and no sweat (unless you want to), get to explore new places, feel the fresh air, get your daily dose of sunlight, and best of all ‒‒ end every ride with a smile on your face. Doesn’t that sound like a wiser investment?

Especially since you’ll never NOT want to ride.

(99% of SONDORS owners ride their SONDORS more often than they’ve ever ridden before, and they keep this up for years)


If the idea of a wise investment that puts a smile on your face interests you, check out SONDORS Step.

It’s beautiful, foldable, affordable, and a great first electric bike (considering it’s unique in the SONDORS lineup offering the only step-trough frame)

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