Battery Holder (Thin)

Battery Holder (Thin)

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  • Type: PART
For SONDORS Thin Does not include mounting screws.


Does not include mounting screws.


LEDScreenEach SONDORS Electric Bike includes a proprietarily designed and engineered SONDORS LCD screen. Initially introduced as an add-on feature, the SONDORS LCD screen is now considered an essential performance component.

Although SONDORS Electric Bikes can operate without it, the LCD screen unlocks several performance-enhancing functions. With the LCD screen, SONDORS Electric Bikes have five gears and five levels of electronic pedal assist - allowing the rider to gain speed faster while pedaling, without engaging the throttle. The LCD screen also provides a 10-20% increase in torque for added hill-climbing power, greater range, and improved towing capacity. In addition, the LCD screen provides a digital display offering accurate battery level, time and distance traveled, as well as outside temperature. By including the SONDORS LCD screen with each SONDORS Electric Bike, we immediately take SONDORS performance and rider experience to the next level of exhilaration.