If you’re considering purchasing an electric bike, then one of the most important things to consider is the motor.

After all, if the motor is no good then you may as well just buy a traditional bike. A good motor will deliver that much-needed assistance when you need an extra boost over hills or are in the mood for a more relaxed ride. With the right motor on your ebike you may even consider replacing your car with an electric bike.

SONDORS electric bike motors have the power to get you where you need to be even on those days when you’re feeling like the "depleted energizer bunny."

Fast Facts

At SONDORS, our #1 priority is delivering a premium product to our customers at an affordable price. With that in mind, our bikes come with mid-sized motors at 350 watts. This makes them the optimal motor to use for both urban riding and trail riding. Our motors are from 8fun and are Rear-Mounted Geared Hubs. This allows our bikes to hit speeds up to 20 mph.

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How SONDORS Stands Out

Each of our electric bikes is powered by a 350 watt planetary geared hub motor that is laced into the rear wheel. We maintain our clean design style by incorporating the motor seamlessly into the design of our bikes. This unique motor allows you to freewheel easily without drag while coasting. We keep easy maintenance in mind by allowing a quick disconnect breakpoint. What all this means for you is that when you purchase an ebike from SONDORS, you’re getting the best there is. No matter which of our e bike designs you go with, you can count on a powerful motor that gets you where you need to go. If you're looking for a bike with top of the line performance, a crisp LED display, the ability to hit 20 mph speed with ease, and also slow down just as smoothly with Tektro disc brake rotors, then SONDORS if the only bike that can check all of the boxes.

Understanding Peddle Assist

Every SONDORS electric bike comes with peddle assist; this is what allows you to control whether your electric bicycle will do all the work, some of the work, or none of the work. This is the technology that makes one of our e bikes the perfect mode of transportation for commuters. Instead of dripping with sweat, you can count on an easy, breezy ride that's more fun than tiresome. Pedal assist gives you that extra boost when you're running low on energy or encounter a difficult dirt road or intimidating hill. SONDORS lets you control the power behind your bike. For a greater understanding of how our bikes work, check out our detailed guide on how to operate your SONDORS.

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