Electric Fat Tire Bike

Electric bikes' popularity is fast surging due to their convenience, especially when cycling for long distances.

Also, they help you minimize expenses as it's not a must to wait for public transport, which allows you to save both time and money. Not mentioning the fact that they are electric; therefore, you'll not tire yourself cycling like the usual ordinary bikes.

In Europe, the e-bikes trend is picking up with the bikes becoming the most popular way to travel around town. They have also found a market in many niches, with many bikers going for these machines. So, if you are still wondering what an electric fat tire bike is then, you are in the right place. An e-bike is just the regular bike with the addition of a battery and motor. For these machines, you can pedal when you want and turn on the electric motor on when you feel tired.

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Electric Bikes Specs

Generally, most e-bikes have multiple settings that determine the propulsion the bike gets from the electric motor during your journey. Also, there is a cut-off point where when you reach a certain point, the engine will disengage yourself, and you'll go back to the pedaling once again.

Also, there are many bikes in the market with different budgets, sizes, and designs. It's upon you to pick the bike that you love based on your preferences.

How to Choose the Right Electric Bike?

With the industry featuring multiple fat electric bikes, choosing the best bike can be hard. But the two key factors that depend on the electric bike you want are your riding style and weight. For instance, if you have a lightweight and you will mostly use your bike in the urban or flat areas, then it is vital to get a low wattage electric bike. Most of these bikes are affordable.


On the other hand, if you are a heavier rider who rides on heaver hills, then it's best to get a high wattage bike. Based on a report by Electrek, light bikers who ride up in steeper slopes require 350 to 500 watts’ bikes. The watts' range is also suitable for heavier riders who want to ride up smaller hills. However, if you need a blend of more power and performance, then going for the 750-1000 watts' electric bikes will do the trick.


Heavier riders who are riding in a steeper hill will require higher power and performance bikes. For this category of riders, buying a bike that has 1500 watts and above will work.

The headlights in your e-bike also matter a lot, and it's vital when you need to ride at night. Also, if you cycle to work early in the morning, then getting the ideal bike will work for you. So, if your e-bike has no headlight, its recommended not to use it at night or early morning as the pedestrians might not see you approaching. It also helps you to view other road users.

The digital display also plays a major role in the bike choice, and choosing a fat electric bike with a digital display does the trick most of the time. A digital display works for you as it tells you a myriad of things on your bike. From the speed you are traveling into the battery left, a digital display works all the time. However, it's not a necessity, and you can buy an e-bike without a digital display if you don't want to.

Features to Consider

  • Also, other factors to consider are the features of the fat e-bike. For instance, if you are the type who loves charging your e-bike on the go, then it's best to buy one that comes with an in-built USB charging port. That way, you'll charge your bike conveniently when you need to.  


  • The number of gears in an e-bike also matters a lot. With most e-bikes featuring multiple speeds, it's best to go for one that has numerous gears, especially if you are heavy. With many gears to choose from, you can quickly get the bike off the road when you need to do so. Though not a prerequisite, a twist throttle comes as a boost to the bikers. With the feature, you can easily choose a gear at times of need.


  • Besides, most electric bikes offer three different modes: manual, pedal-assist, and fully electronic. You'll choose the best electric motorcycle basing on your preferences. You might also consider the maximum speed of the e-bike and the battery capacity if riding in places with harsh weather, its best to go for a bike that has a weather-resistant battery pack.

Cleaning a Fat Tire Bike

There is a myriad of ways to clean your favorite bike, with some being easier than others. The easiest way to clean your bike is by using a bar of soap, warm water, and a soft cloth. Gently rub the cloth over the bicycle parts until you remove the dirt spots. Though it is the most efficient way to clean your electric bike, it is not the best and consumes much of your time.


Another popular method for cleaning your bike is using wet pipes. It is an easier method and consumes less time than the first method. However, the technique is not effective, and you may struggle to get the dirt off some bike parts, especially if there is mud all over it. Overall, the wet pipes method is useful for lighter cleaning, while the soap method is useful for deeper cleaning. No matter what you decide on, don't forget to clean the fat tires on your bike.

Difference Between an Electric and Regular Bike

For some, spending a lot of money buying an electric bike instead of the regular is not a wise thing. It's so when you don't understand the differences between the two as they have many distinguishing features. First, for long-distance travelers, it's best to buy an electric bike. Also, e-bikes help you to cycle, and you won't spend much energy on pedaling that will tire you quickly.  

If you are researching whether to try a fat tire bike, then our guide will help you out. These e-bikes are fast becoming modern bikes with on-demand and features that improve its usability. Get your electric bike from us today, and enjoy a fantastic bike experience.

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