Electric Freedom

The freedom you get with an eBike is unparalleled, and it’s something our owners often repeat as to why they go electric. In fact, I was chatting on the phone with one of our owners this morning who told me,”the freedom you have with a Sondors eBike is unlike anything else — you can’t do this stuff with a regular bike.” We connected over some really awesome video footage he took for fun, capturing spectacular expansive shots where the Elwha River meets the ocean, and it really got me thinking:  the freedom from and the freedom to do all sorts of cool stuff completely unique with an eBike.

Freedom From Traffic

Maybe our LA base makes us biased, but is there anything worse than sitting in traffic for 45 minutes to go less than 15 miles? These are the sort of situations you get into and think to yourself, “I could walk where I’m going faster than this right now”. Well, you probably couldn’t walk faster, but you could definitely ride faster.  An eBike gives you the option to do that, hop on your eBike and get where you’re going so much faster, and with much less effort for the most part!  All that summer traffic you’re sure to hit at the beach downtown, you name it — just avoid it.  With a Sondors you have a ‘get-out-of-traffic-free’ card.


Los2angeles Traffic

Freedom From Parking

Forget the traffic, what about the parking once you get there?  No better way to ruin the day before it’s even getting started than pulling your hair our searching for parking.  Wherever ‘there’ is, simply locking up your eBike and headed to your activity is a vast improvement from endlessly circling a block or parking lot.  Plus, paying for parking? No thanks! 

Freedom To Choose Exercise

When it comes to exercise it is hard to beat cycling which boasts low impact, high aerobic, calorie burning exercise.  Traditional biking is fun and all, until you show up to meet your friends with your shirt stuck to your skin via back sweat ?.  Sondors conquers hills and headwinds with ease, so you can arrive refreshed, not sweaty.  Go to work, school, or meetup with your pals in street clothes, because body suits just aren’t for everyone… On a more serious note, if you’re recovering from an injury or have disabilities that prevent you from exercising at full capacity, an electric bike allows you the freedom to choose how much or how little to exert yourself.  It’s the perfect way to train without over doing it, and if you want more exercise — just turn the battery off and pedal to your heart’s content!

Freedom To Adventure

Adventure is where this conversation started, and perhaps the most thrilling freedom is the ability to explore an expanse of terrains with an eBike. We’ve personally experimented with the beach and the trail, and plenty of Sondors owners take their fat bikes in the snow. And nothing compares to silently zipping along the coast, with nothing to worry about but the rise and fall of the tide — not even pedaling! We’re curious to see where your Sondors takes you this summer, maybe it’s exploring crowded cities on a THIN, or hopping on a train with your eBike and heading on day or weekend trips.  Wherever you go, you’ll undoubtedly go farther on a Sondors, enjoy your surroundings with more ease, and have some serious fun while doing it.  Take your summer freedom, and #gosondors.

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