SONDORS Electric Bike FAQ

How fast can a SONDORS electric bike go?

You can go as fast as you can pedal a SONDORS e-bike. However, All SONDORS e-bike motors no matter the size can reach up to 20 mph. 20 mph is the maximum speed allowed for Class 1 pedal-assist.

How heavy is the SONDORS electric bike?

Depending on the model, SONDORS e-bikes weigh between 54 lbs. And 75 lbs. The SONDORS MXS is a mountain bike weighing the least at approximately 54 lbs. The SONDORS XS weighs the most at approximately 75 lbs. The original SONDORS weighs approximately 67 lbs. See the comparison chart for details on the specific model.

How far can a SONDORS electric bike go?

Depending on the rider, towing weight, wind speed, and terrain, the battery with pedal assist can last up to 20 to 60 miles, depending on the model of SONDORS e-bike. See the comparison chart for details on the specific model.

What colors do the SONDORS e-bikes come in?

Most SONDORS models are available in white, black, or silver. There are special edition models offered at various times.

What type of motor does SONDORS use?

The SONDORS e-bike has motors that range from 350W to 750W depending on the make and model. The Original, Thin, Step, Fold all have 350W motors. The X and FOLD X have 500W motors. The XS and MXS have 750W motors.

How long is the warranty on the SONDORS e-bike?

SONDORS stand behind the quality and durability of their products. For all SONDORS electric bikes sold beginning after July 1, 2019, SONDORS has a one-year limited warranty including coverage of the primary components of SONDORS electric bike and SONDORS proprietary battery. For full warranty details, please go here

Can I make payments on SONDORS e-bikes?

Yes, SONDORS offers a FlexPay layaway program that starts at just $299 down. FlexPay helps spread the cost of a SONDORS e-bike over a few weeks or months.

What upgrades are there for the SONDORS e-bikes?

SONDORS offers fenders, rack, and bag sets custom built for most of the SONDORS models.

How is a SONDORS e-bike charged?

All SONDORS include a re-chargeable Li-ion battery and charger. Any standard three-prong 120V outlet can be used to charge the battery.

How much does a SONDORS electric bike cost?

The SONDORS e-bike is one of the best selling, affordable e-bikes on the market, starting at $999. Prices vary depending on the SONDORS model. See the SONDORS price comparison chart for details -

What is the SONDORS cancellation policy?

You can cancel your order anytime prior to shipment for a full refund... to submit a request please follow this link here

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