Folding Electric Bike -
The Best Alternatives To Car Rides

You do not always have to use your car every time you want to run a short errand when there is even a better alternative. Sometimes you need a change of experience. Some people use a bicycle or motorbikes at times to give their car a break. However, what if there is even a better choice than a motorcycle or just an ordinary bike?

Thanks to advancements in technology where technical improvements in every sector are making our lives even more comfortable.

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At Sondors, we are an electric bike company with some of the best products out there at the best prices. As an American company,  we’re famous for the production of Folding Electric Bikes. Electric bikes are the new alternatives to cars and motorbikes. You are probably asking yourself how this is possible. Well let us give you a list of reasons to make your first order from Sondors.

What is a Folding Bike?

It is a bike equipped with rechargeable high voltage batteries and some electrical components that can power it for up to 50 miles. The Folding Electric Bike is just a regular bike with some vital improvements in its power source and usability. The components that facilitate its operation include the battery, electric motor, folding, sensor, and electronic displays.

How does it work?

Our bikes are designed to work efficiently and be easy to operate for all of our clients. Let us break down each of its major components.


The Folding Electric Bike has the motor which differentiates it from other electric bikes. You can find the motor at the front hub, center mount, and rare hub. The Folding Electric Bike motors can provide the power of between 250 Watts and 350 Watts. The motor engines work differently depending on the type of motor for your bike. However, they share the same primary purpose, which is to provide torque.

The torque determines the power output for the folding electric bike; therefore, high power requires more torque. The motors also have some benefits depending on their position on the bike. The front hub motors are very good at providing a standard power when climbing hilly trails. The rare hub motors are good at giving a stealthier appearance with smooth acceleration and better handling. The center mount motors are responsive to how you ride the bike; therefore, provide power when needed at the right output. The center mount motor is what your folding electric bike needs when riding on a steep and long hill.

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The folding electric bike also has the battery, which you can always find on one of the frames. They usually use lithium-ion batteries. The best part is that the batteries are lightweight and can hold a charge for long periods of time. The battery can even last longer, depending on how you follow some measures. The measures include:

  • Regulating the load that your bike carries as the heavy loads are not suitable for the health of the battery.
  • Avoid keeping the folding electric bike under the sun.
  • Ensure storage of the bike at a charge not lower than 30%

 It is such a pleasant experience to have a bike that you can charge like your phone. You do not have to worry about the gas like in the cars or motorbikes. Almost every house has electricity. Therefore, a source of power for recharge is readily available. The battery is capable of having a full recharge after an average of five to six hours. The bike has a screen with sensors that will keep you updated on the percentage of the battery. The bike also comes with a battery charger for recharging.


It is the most integral part of the electric bike since it responds to all the system's functioning. The folding electric bike has different types of sensors, the speed sensor, and the torque sensor. The speed sensor sends signals to the motor immediately when you start pedaling the bike. On the other hand, the functioning of the torque sensor only activates once the electric bicycle is on the motion. The sensor monitors the speed and assists when needed.


It is one of the qualities of a Folding Electric Bike that makes it the best alternative to cars. It enables you to fold the bike and assume a position that can fit even a small space. The folding feature is achievable due to the flexible hinges at the folding joints. A good Folding Electric Bike has the following advantages due to the fold.

  • A Folding Electric Bike is easy to store when you have a small apartment
  • Folding Electric Bike can fit in the train or a bus; therefore, it is portable and convenient.
  • In the case of traffic, you can quickly get on your ride and continue with your journey.
  • It is a perfect package for a vacation or a picnic. The fact that it can easily fit in the trunk of a car makes it easier to carry for riding during a picnic.
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How to Ride the Folding Electric Bike

There is only a handful of Folding Electric Bikes that can achieve a considerable speed without pedaling. However, there are Folding Electric Bikes that allow you to ride when you want; therefore are suitable for climbing hilly roads. Pedaling while climbing a hill is very tiring, but Folding Electric Bikes can become effective at that moment since you can engage the motor to power it up the road. The battery powers the motor that, in turn, releases torque that propels the drive train. You can control the power supply from the display screen that shows how much power is necessary to achieve a certain speed.

Benefits of Folding Electric Bikes


Folding Electric Bikes are more comfortable to carry during travels or even on the stairs once folded. It also creates more room for packing other items during transportation since it covers very little space.

No License Needed

You do not need to have a license to ride Folding Electric Bikes. It makes owning and operating the bike cheaper than a car or motorcycle.


Providing security to Folding Electric Bikes is much easier and cheaper compared to vehicles. The bike cannot be stolen easily, since you can fold it and fit it inside the room without causing any inconvenience.

Beat the Traffic

Folding Electric Bikes can help you beat the traffic during rush hours. No stress getting stuck behind a huge mess of cars.

Save Money

Using Folding Electric Bikes is one sure way of saving the money used in refueling cars and motorbikes. You only need to recharge the bike from your house, which can power the bike for up to 50 miles.

Easy Maintenance

Folding Electric Bikes are easy to maintain. The only maintenance needed in electric bikes is battery recharge, which you can do from home hence less costly.


Riding Folding Electric Bikes can be a form of exercise since pedaling is one way of flexing the body muscles hence good for your health.

Final Thoughts

Folding bikes are indeed convenient to carry when traveling, and will surely save you lots of money.  These are some of the reasons why folding bikes are the best solutions when it comes to commuting.

They are also easy to use, and you can learn how to ride them in just a few hours.

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