How to Properly Dispose of your Sondors Ebike Battery

Among the many great things about owning an electric bike is that there are zero emissions associated with riding one! Electric bikes and electric powered vehicles are a small step towards eliminating the combustion engine, and seeing our cities without smog and traffic. However, there comes a time when all Ebikes and electric vehicle batteries wear out. Then what? Batteries can’t be thrown out with your normal garbage, and to do so would be environmentally irresponsible.

The good news — proper disposal and/or recycling of a Sondors battery is simple.

Often a simple google search for ‘e-waste’ or ‘battery recycling’ in your area will do the trick, and you may even find community organizations who do pick ups or holds events to make the drop off extra convenient.

A tried and true drop-off can be found with your local Home Depot, Lowes, or even Whole Foods. Large recycling bins for batteries are kept right near the entrance for easy battery drop-off. Although employees at these stores may not be familiar with Ebike batteries, a great battery recycling resource, Call2Recycle consistently recommends these bins as responsible disposal sites.

As proud proponents of sustainable technology, we encourage our Sondors owners to carry on the good work and properly dispose of batteries when the time comes.  If you have any experience, tips, or advice for recycling your Sondors batteries, we’d love to hear from you in the comments!


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