How To Operate Your SONDORS

Please follow the step-by-step instructions for operating your SONDORS below:

After you have assembled your SONDORS and have followed the assembly video instructions for charging your battery, you're ready to roll.

1. Remove rubber stopper on the right side of the frame to access the battery toggle switch, and turn your battery on. Replace the rubber stopper.

2. Step over your SONDORS in preparation to ride, and securely place both feet on the ground.

3. Locate the throttle on the right side of the handlebars. Press the grey button located at the bottom of the throttle power switch to turn it on. The LED lights will illuminate. (Skip this step if you have a 7-speed)

4. Locate the power/control switch for your LCD screen on the left side of the handlebars. Hold down the center power button until the LCD screen turns on. Use the up/down arrows to set your desired level of pedal assist (PAS). **Please note that when the pedal assist is set at level 0 (zero) your SONDORS will not move, this will help prevent forward acceleration caused by accidentally hitting the throttle.**

5. When prepared to ride, use up arrow to set LCD at PAS level 1 or higher. You can either start your SONDORS ride by gently pressing the throttle or just simply start pedaling.

6. You can adjust the level of PAS by pressing the up or down button on the LCD control panel. Level 1 being the lowest level of assist and 5 being the highest. You can use your throttle while in any level of PAS.

7. If you have a 7-speed gear shifter, you can manually shift gears while in any level of PAS, and continue to use the throttle at anytime.

8. When finished riding, power down your SONDORS by reversing steps 1-4.

9. If needed (battery below 70%) be sure to replenish your battery charge. 

* For additional information on how to best care for your SONDORS Li-ion battery, please read here.

If you need further assistance or information, please reach out to us on live chat or via email

Thank you for being the best part of SONDORS.