Battery - 36V 8.8Ah - SONDORS Fold & Fold Sport - SONDORS Electric Bikes

Battery - 36V 8.8Ah - SONDORS Fold & Fold Sport


Unique to SONDORS, SONDORS Fold 36V 8.8Ah lithium-ion battery has a sleek cylinder design, and boasts Panasonic, LG or Samsung cells and the SONDORS patented cylindrical shape, making it ingeniously slender, lightweight, and a perfect fit for Fold.

With SONDORS Fold 36V 8.8 Ah lithium-ion battery along with electric pedal assist, many riders can experience a varied battery range of up to 20-40 miles*. When using straight electric power (without pedaling), the range can fluctuate to up to 20 miles*

Charger sold separately - available for purchase here

*All range estimates are contingent upon rider and towing weight, riding style, wind speed and terrain.

Not available for shipping to Europe.

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