Sondors Electric Bike Reviews

Introducing SONDORS Step. Everything you want and need – lightweight, step-through, and foldable giving you easy adaptability and freedom. Hear what real SONDORS STEP owners have to say about this product.


SONDORS Fold X is our best seller in foldable transportation, and the ideal choice for extremely smart, convenient riding no matter where you live or roam.  Hear what SONDORS FOLD X owners have to say about this product.

fold x1

Introducing SONDORS MXS, the hardtail electric mountain bike SONDORS lovers have been longing for. At every angle, it’s all SONDORS, and extreme in every way. With the greatest performance, power, and adaptability of any model in the SONDORS lineup, MXS is designed to invite riders to push the limits of what’s possible.  Hear what SONDORS MXS owners have to say about this product.


Get ready for the next upset with SONDORS Fold XS. A special edition SONDORS ready to redefine what's possible. Bring the unreachable within reach with this next-level, foldable SONDORS, an unimaginable synergy of features and allure – making the Fold XS, accessible at an exceptionally optimistic price.  Hear what SONDORS Fold X owners have to say about this product.

fold xs1


SONDORS Electric Bike FAQ

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