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SONDORS Fold is the latest game-changer in transportation. Its durable, versatility and eye-catching design are what make it a SONDORS. With SONDORS proprietary cylinder, lithium-ion battery, and a unique, forged-aluminum frame - SONDORS Fold the ideal choice for smart, convenient transportation no matter where you live. In two simple folds and less than ten seconds, SONDORS Fold is ready for effortless stowage in just about any space.

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Introducing the sleekest electric bike ever - impeccable components, clean lines, and lightweight design define SONDORS Thin. SONDORS proprietary, lithium-ion battery and all-aluminum frame, make Thin the perfect mode of transportation for the daily commuter or weekend adventurer in you. The instant you ride Thin, you know you've never felt anything like it. With SONDORS Thin you have the freedom of full-electric power with a simple press of a thumb throttle, or the option of electric pedal assist cycling.

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SONDORS Original

With its spectacular, knobby, all-terrain tires, SONDORS Original provides all-around comfort and sturdy confidence. Whether you’re commuting to work, meeting friends, or out exploring nature, SONDORS Original leads the way. This eye-catching versatility matched with the lowest price tag in the industry has led SONDORS Original to become the best-selling electric bike in the United States.

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SONDORS Original Wins 2016 Best Product Award

On August 30, 2016, SONDORS Original Electric Bike was awarded “first place” in the Connected Sports category at the prestigious Golden Computer in association with with IFA, Europe’s largest tech show.

SONDORS Original Ebike Wins 2016 Best Product Award!

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Today, SONDORS contributes its continued success to the support and backing of more than 30,000 loyal SONDORS owners worldwide. SONDORS has favorably disrupted the electric bike industry as we know it, and we’ve only just begun...

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Hear What the SONDORS Community is Saying

Because SONDORS Owners have discovered premium electric technology at an affordable price, they’re already ahead of the crowd. By becoming a part of the SONDORS movement, they’re part of a game-changing revolution, and they know it! Are you ready to join us?

What Our Customers are Saying
What Our Customers are Saying

Join the Largest Electric Bike Community in the World

SONDORS contributes its continued success to the support and backing of more than 30,000 loyal SONDORS owners worldwide.

At SONDORS, we do things a bit differently. We go the extra mile to provide premium electric bikes at an affordable price. We are driven by our ability to offer innovative electronic technology that’s attainable to everyone - in a product that was once only available at two to three times the cost.

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