All Sondors

All-Terrain eBikes

Go beyond road and trail, with extreme torque, towing capacity and hill climbing power.

Plus they all have really fat tires...


Go beyond an eBike.

Go beyond a motorcycle.

Introducing MetaCycle.

The new icon that changes the way you move.


Foldable eBikes

Go beyond the way you live now with the most powerful, convenient and versatile electric foldable transportation there is.

Oh, and they also have really fat tires...

Mountain eBikes

Go beyond the trail with radically powerful mountain eBikes that revolutionize the off road riding experience.

With unrivalled range and specification, how far you go is only up to you.


Signature Bikes

Go beyond design with eBikes unlike anything else on road or trail, where style meets performance.

Designed to be as aspirational as they are functional. Make every ride your event.