Ride of a Life time!

I am very impressed with the LX, as it is everything and more than they have portrayed it to be. This bike is an excellent fit for me and offers a great riding experience with its versatile ability to take on an off-road journey and provides a superior ride on any road as well. I know that I made the right choice by ordering the LX, as I couldn't be happier and more pleased with this adventuresome e-bike! Also, every time I have contacted SONDORS for any help with my LX, they have responded favorably by providing the proper help and assistance I needed.

- Rick Z


I just purchased my second SONDORS ebike (smart step) after buying a rockstar a year ago. I appreciate the quality and value of these bikes. Everything works as expected and I get a lot of interest from those around when I ride them. I knew the Rockstar was overkill for me but what a bike; powerful, smooth, all the bells and whistles. The Smart Step is much more basic but after riding it this weekend on some hilly country, I thought to myself...this is all I need. Plus it folds in half. Get one! You can't go wrong.

- Jerry

I got the SONDORS X and I love it!!

I got the SONDORS X and the bike rides great! I have a lot of sandy trails and this bike just glides right over it! I would like it to be geared a little lower, because I like to turn off the electric assist from time to time, to challenge myself on climbs, but overall it does detract from the quality of the bike or the ride.

I can’t recommend this bike enough!

Love it!

- Forrest Darst

Seriously, these are SONDORS. The OG of electric bikes. Can't go wrong. Go forward with confidence!

- Tyler Banks

Got My Rockstar!!!!!

After making a decision to buy the Rockstar over the cruiser I ordered my bike. SONDORS told me at the time that it was in stock and would ship in 10 days. It shipped on time at I got the bike when I was told. Packaging of the bike was excellent and it took me about 2 hours to put it all together, taking my time to understand the bike. I love the bike. Would buy the same one again today. SONDORS communications through emails is generally within the hour. They are very customer focused and make a great back. Get the Rockstar!!!!

- Dennis

The SONDORS Smart Step bike

The SONDORS Smart Step bike is so fantastic. I love the look, and the smoothness of the bike is outstanding. This bike, I would say, was made just for me. I love how it comes almost assembly, so if you don't have someone to help you put it together, you can read the instructions and get it done. I am always excited about the daily ride of my SONDORS e-bike—just an overall great product.

- Lee Singleton

Great bike and great company

I have had my SONDORS Rockstar for a couple of months now, and it has been a wonderful experience. It is my second ebike and far superior to my other ebike from another company. The tech team at sondors is very responsive as well. I recommend the Rockstar and the company to anyone getting into ebiking.

- George Buckholt

My SONDORS is, by far, the coolest bike I’ve ever owned!!!

My SONDORS is the coolest bike I’ve ever used!! It’s so easy to ride, has lots of power, and has great range. When I did need assistance (not a bike issue!!) the tech service rep was so knowledgeable and helpful and answered all of my questions.

I would HIGHLY recommend SONDORS!!!!!

- David E.

I have owned the Fold X ebike from SONDORS for five years now. I have driven over 7000 miles on the bike and it is the primary use that I have for staying healthy and alive in my 70s. I’d recommend everybody by an E bike from SONDORS is the best there is so far in the market.

- Tommy Schmitt

This Company is Rock Solid

Admittedly I am passionate about SONDORS. Ever since I purchased my first bike from the company in April 2020 (an X model), my life has never been the same. I used to ride my mountain bike 1-2 hours a day. Now I try to get out on my SONDORS 3-4 hours at a clip! And anytime there has been anything wrong with my bikes, one call to Customer Support, and there is always a swift response and my issues resolved. What a fabulous product. What a fabulous company. I would have awarded 10 stars if it was an option!

- Ralph